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The 3 most asked questions from YJL brides: 

The answers to these questions can probably help you guys better understand the process in which we customize and deliver the most suitable gowns of our brides. 


1. How can I have a chic gown with a limited budget?

First, it is important to know that regardless of the budget you have, YJL can provide you with a wedding gown. We have a long list of gowns (may not listed on the website) that we can suggest to you if you don't find your desirable affordable gown on our website. you can always contact us via email at info@yjlwedding.com and we will be able to work with you to provide you with the best choice according to your budget. 

2. My wedding date is in less than 60 days. Can I still order a wedding gown?

YJL recommends at least 60 days to allow sufficient time to customize a gown. However, if it is a rush order, before you purchase the gown, you can contact us via email and we will be able to let you know if the gown can be made timely (About 45days). We also have gowns in stock that we can suggest to you if you are on a time constraint. Gowns in stock are usually discounted compared to newly custom gowns. 

3. Can you customize my gown from an image/picture I have?

Finally, we want to remind all our customers that, images/pictures submitted can be customized but will not look exactly the same as the original gown on the picture. The fabric (tulle, lace, satin etc...) may slightly change due to the unavailability of the material used in the original dress. We also want to send out a disclaimer and make it clear that the pictures that our brides sometimes submit to us are most of the time Photoshop pictures and obviously look more outstanding than the actual dress in reality. In addition, many of the pictures of gowns submitted by our brides are also from high-end designers or Haute Couture and these dresses are 3 to 6 times more expensive than the price we would actually try to make it. So unless the bride is willing to spend as much money, we will advice that the brides do not expect similar dresses from high-end designers to feel and look the same as the version that we will make. For example, if the gown in the picture provided by the bride is sold at $10,000, YJL team will try their best to customize a dress with that style but for a much lesser budget of maybe $2000. As a result, it is only fair to realize and understand that the fabric, the style and details of the custom gown by YJL will differ from the original dress made by a high-end designer. 

In summary, we love to consult and work with our brides and help them choose the best possible choice without breaking the bank and spending lots of $$$. YJL is dedicated to provide quality affordable gowns and is always excited to see brides smile when they say YES to our dresses. 


Date 04/26/2019
by Jenny, CEO & Founder of YJL Wedding Boutique.

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